Welcome to the Show Horse Council of Victoria

Executive Committee

Affiliated with the Show Horse Council of Australisia Inc



The Show Horse Council of Victoria Inc. was instigated by a group of current and ex-show horse people in May of 2002.


The aim of the interim committee was to offer additional outlets for show horse people to compete at open and International levels and to provide outlets in which to develop young horses and riders.


We will endeavour to conduct seminars, educational instruction days and liaise with agricultural shows and other societies.


To this extent the committee’s first organised event was held on 30th November & 1st December 2002 at The National Equestrian Centre at Werribee Park. The ‘Hygain Masters’ Horse of the Year Show was a huge success for the committee, sponsors and competitors.


Over 370 entries were received for the event in a range of classes including Riding, Intermediates, and child’s classes, Open Saddle, Show Hunters and Debutantes. Prior to entry each horse had to be registered with the Show Horse Council of Australasia Inc. which entitled owners arranging to have there horses ‘verified’ by an approved SHCV verifier. At the time of the show there was nearly 200 new horses registered with the Show Horse Council of Australasia and over 200 members of the Show Horse Council of Victoria Inc. Considering that this was the first year of holding a Horse of the Year event and starting a new organisation. These figures are a wonderful and encouraging sign and that the organisation has the support of the show horse competitors. Our memberships have now grown to nearly 400.


The committee was officially elected at the IGM held in December 2002, during the time the committee has organised events for members (and non members). These include an educational weekend held in June of each year in the indoor arena at the National Equestrian Centre and an annual AGM dinner dance. These events are open to all competitors and there family and friends.


Our main focus is to continue running more successful events and shows